About Me

Health and Wellness are my path and my passion.

I am an Instructor, an entrepreneur, and a peaceful warrior.

My path has led me to health and wellness, mainly due to the 5 beautiful souls that I was priviledged to bring forth.

I bring my experience , my knowing , and my energy to you in an effort to assist you on your path to health and wellness.

I am a graduate of the Hackensack Academy of Massage Therapy and a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor from Integral Yoga Institute in Fairlawn, NJ. Reflexology , Compression , Swedish, Reiki, Cranial Myo-Fascial stretching, Sciatic nerve release(most usually done sidelying) combined with pranic breathing for positive results.

Certified in Contemporary Cupping Methods by the International Cupping Therapy Association. Cupping also known as Kuppa-Decompressive Release Techniques for conditions such as Sciatica , Trigger point pain, Myofascial release and so much more.

As a  Hatha Yoga instructor, breathing practice is also discussed and encouraged.

I  also got certified as a Qi-Gong instructor to enhance the process of energy flow thru the body.

As a veteran of the United States Airforce, I am also familiar with the use of these modalities to assist those with PTSD.

I so look forward to meeting you.