About Me

Health and Wellness are my path and my passion.

I was blessed with a beautiful child who at the age of 3 was diagnosed with Tourettes and ADHD. And thus began my path. In my quest to seek balance for my child, I sought the use of Massage and Yoga to assist him with his episodes. With the use of behaviour modifications, nutritional modifications and awareness of triggers...we began the journey.

Fast forward to present date, he graduated from Law School this past summer(2016). I know first hand what could have been...I also saw the effects of our diligent search for his improvement.

I am a graduate of the Hackensack Academy of Massage Therapy and a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor from Integral Yoga Institute in Fairlawn, NJ. Reflexology , Compression , Swedish, Reiki, Cranial Myo-Fascial stretching, Sciatic nerve release(most usually done sidelying) combined with pranic breathing for positive results.

Certified in Contemporary Cupping Methods by the International Cupping Therapy Association. Cupping also known as Kuppa-Decompressive Release Techniques for conditions such as Sciatica , Trigger point pain, Myofascial release and so much more.

As a  Hatha Yoga instructor, breathing practice is also discussed and encouraged.

I have created a program, "MYM Yoga2Go" for the busy executive. a half hour program that includes Meditation,Yoga and Massage.

I so look forward to meeting you.